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 "Biblioch-2016": the best quests for lovers of reading

Fashion for quests reached the library: games with puzzles are becoming a fashionable format for holding mass events. This year, the idea was picked up by the organizers of Bibliochi in many Russian cities. To visit the library at dusk and to pass free quests based on masterpieces of world literature from the night of April 22 to April 23, it will be possible to literally across the country. No Pushkin and Tolstoy, familiar to us since school days, we are not going to offer. Libraries now keep pace with the times: they have developed scenarios on topics that are at the peak of popularity among organizers of stationary querums.

For example, in Kirov in the Pushkin library there will be a quest "Stalker" based on the story of the Strugatsky brothers "Picnic on the Roadside", the film by Andrei Tarkovsky and the computer game "S.T.L.K.E.R.:The Shadow of Chernobyl." Three hour games are designed for youth team: the players will have to wander fairly in the library labyrinths.

Detective topics on quests are also quite popular. In Togliatti in the Central Library. Tatishcheva is scheduled for a quest based on the works of the Weiners brothers, code-named "A meeting place can not be changed." It is perfect for young people who want to try themselves in the role of the investigator of the Moscow Criminal Investigation, and for older players who are happy to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the legendary film of Stanislav Govorukhin.

And in Moscow, the library. Serafimovich is waiting for the fans of the work of Arthur Conan Doyle. For them, they prepared a quest based on the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. He will be decorated in the style of domestic films about the famous detective with Baker Street, so that lovers of Cumberbatch with the Metropolitan Library are not on their way. But if you do not have anything against Vasily Livanov's tube, try your hand: the game is free, and the winners will receive a certificateand "Bibliotech".

In Nizhny Novgorod, the regional universal scientific library named after V.I. Lenin mastered the genre of the esqueip-quest: the guests of the "Bibliochi" are locked in one of the premises of the library center for legal information within the framework of the quest "The library is closed ?!" You can leave the room only by understanding the secrets of the library business.

And, finally, the main library of the country - the Russian State Library - will conduct a quest through its halls to check the erudition of readers. Questions this year will be related to the history of Russian cinema.

The main events of the Biblionochi will end at 23:00, and if the quests organized by the libraries are not enough for you, you can get a portion of riddles and adrenaline in thematic quests in reality - the benefit of most of them work almost around the clock.

Quest for lovers of history is the quest " Librariesand Ivan the Terrible from the company of Hawking, in which it is necessary to find unique handwritten and first printed volumes of the times of the legendary king. Quests of the company Hawking is an opportunity to catch two birds with one stone: on the one hand, learn a lot of new things (the script has a good educational base), and on the other hand help the needy (part of the proceeds go to charitable projects). & Nbsp;

For those who like games in the genre of post-apocalypse, the game " The Lenin Library " from the Anti-Quest Lab is suitable. The plot based on Dmitry Glukhovsky's novel "Metro 2033", a centimeter layer of dust, cabinets with library cards - what else does a bibliophile and a fan of fiction need?

Chistyulyam and conspiracy will surely like the following two quests. First, " Treasure of the Nation " by Eureka - according to the script the quest takes place in the library of the White House, and the players are a group of coinsconspiracy ions against the United States of America. Secondly, " Library of the old mason " from the questmaker Three keys - here are the initiation into the secret order of the most worthy adherents , hungry for world domination.