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Movies and quests that will make you think about the future of mankind

What do you think will happen on our planet in 20, 30, 50 or 100 years from now? A breakthrough in the field of medicine that will allow people to live forever, conquering the cosmos and meeting with other intelligent beings, universal robotization, or maybe a nuclear war? The most popular scenarios of the future of mankind formed the basis of films and quests that make us think about the difficult choice that humanity is waiting for at any & nbsp; such an outcome.


Biotechnology and medicine are moving forward every year, and now, with large savings, it is possible to prolong life well and aging has slowed down. The creators of the fantastic film "Time" brought this idea to the absolute and showed humanity a world in which time is money in the truest sense of the word. Poor people get paid for work with minutes of life: they spent too much - you will die right in the middle of the street. At the same time, the richest people in the world have thousands of years of life left, and their bodies never grow old.

The system will try to break the young man by having Will Salas, played by actor Justin Timberlake, and will help him in this rich rebel Sylvia - the heroine of Amanda Seyfried. The guys will succeed, do not hesitate, and try yourself in the role of the protagonists of the film can be in the quest in reality " Time " from the company Questreality . Players will have to rob a bank that has been stored for a million years. And this is not just a greed, but a struggle for survival: after all, there will be only one hour on your own watch.


The conquest of space is a rather risky occupation, and the main allies here are strict discipline and awareness of their responsibility for the destiny of all living things. The price of one mistake and the manifestation of weakness in the world of the future can turn out to be exorbitant - a science fiction film tells us thishorror "Alien", which formed the basis of a whole series of movies, computer games, books and comic books. And if you have already watched the film, decide how you would act on the site of the team "Nostromo", you can in the quest in reality " Alien "" Claustrophobia. "& Nbsp; The scenery will revive the best moments of the picture in your memory, and a complex script and non-standard tasks will not make you bored.

"I'm a robot"

The cult film with Will Smith in the title role is based on a series of works by Isaac Asimov about positron robots. He poses difficult questions for viewers: how a person will get along on one planet with artificial intelligence, can you trust robots and why rational behavior is not always the best.

The moral of the film is merciless: the logic of robots can well lead them to the idea of ​​the need to deprive humanity of freedom for the sake of preserving security on the planet. But until this happened, decide whether to trust the robots or not,can only a person. Such a moral dilemma offers players a quest " I'm a robot " "Claustrophobia." With the events of the film it is not connected in any way, but the plot & nbsp; Something like that: on a space station under the control of a robot strange things begin to happen. You have to make a choice: who to believe - a person or artificial intelligence. And from this, without exaggeration, the fate of all mankind depends.

Another quest for a similar topic is " Lisa. Artificial Intelligence from Lockedmos. Players will have to investigate the disappearance of the creator of the world's first real artificial intelligence, as well as understand the motives and decide the fate of his computer, "Lisa," which seems to be not very friendly to mankind.

Metro 2033

And what if we are not waiting for a bright future, full of scientific discoveries and technical breakthroughs, and a terrible existence in the worldpostapocalypse. How many films have been shot about this, not counted, but we want to focus on the one that has not yet been released, but only begins to prepare - "Metro 2033" based on the novel of our compatriot Dmitry Glukhovsky. The events take place in the Moscow metro, where the last survivors of the nuclear war in the capital hid, and now their relationship is shaping up as uneasy.

The film is not there yet, and the quest is ready, but not one: The laboratory Antikvest built two quests at once on the motives of the work of Glukhovsky: " Abandoned station Polyanka and The Lenin Library . Only an hour in the world of post-apocalypse, and you will become the most fierce opponent of the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the world - because to live, or rather, to survive so constantly, no one will want. Dust, cobwebs and desolation are a hopeless atmosphere of the world after poisonThe impact is transferred to the decorators and writers with maximum accuracy.