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Which genres of quests are right for you?

Quests in reality, or, as they are also called, " escape-ruma" - is an active game, the purpose of which lies in the title . For the allotted time ( as a rule,  it's an hour) you need to get out of a closed room with a company of friends, solving for this all kinds of puzzles and puzzles.

Despite the abundant variety of companies making quests, and also to a great many stories, which are the basis of these very quests, all of them, in general, obey the same principle: we must leave the room for a limited time.

Probably, it seems that a frequent game can very soon get bored: who like to perform many times in a row about the same mission. However, in fact, developers " escapes"  have come up with several so-called genres that can significantly diversify leisure even the most demanding quests lover.

We talked with people involved in the development of quests to Learn what is the difference between these genres and how to understand it. And tried to find the most interesting quest for different characters, professions and ages. At the end of the recommendation for quests for the office employee, parent with children, schoolboy, businessman, creative an employee, a lover and just a good person.

Classic " escape-room"

 Which genres of quests are right for you?

This is a classic of the genre. In fact, this is an offline implementation of computer games-quests. The team is locked in a certain room with a specific task: leave this room.

Goal: Find a way to get past the specified time ( usually 60 minutes). During the game, a team of 1-4 ( sometimes  more) a person discoverspersonal guidance, directions, traces, solves  riddles, moves to other rooms, trying to find the coveted way open the door to the exit.

Themes: prison, hospital, bank, morgue, hotel, bar, etc.  

Quest in reality

Which genres of quests are right for you?

This genre, in general, is not too different from the " escape-room, "but it is sometimes distinguished in a separate subclass . More often than not, the depth of study of the script of the quest and all sorts of nuances, not related to riddles, but to the theme of the quest, is different.

Goal: Be involved in a specific scenario, conceived by the authors.

Themes: Scenario lines can be any, most often they are some roles from famous movies, games or books ( "Harry Potter", " Titanic," " Escape from Shawshank") or historical events and personalities ( Marilyn Monroe, Chernobyl, the Caribbean crisis, )

Quest-performance ( with the participation of actors)

Which genres of quests are right for you?

In addition classic and not very quest puzzles one of the main parts of the quest is the actor ( or several actors).

The goal: interaction with the actor in the process of solving puzzles is one of the most important components.

Initially, the performance was called quests-horror ( horror movies). In horror movies, an actor may not come into direct contact with the ( command  this is not excluded), but, playing a role, can create some discomfort to the players and / or produce an awesomeEffect.

Recently, another section of the performance has appeared, when the ( or several) actors can play a role, appearing from the very beginning or during the passage.

Dialogues and / or interaction with them - one of the required parts of the quest.

Topics: more often quests-horror, or any atmospheric rooms and epochs.

Sports quest / action game ( plus sports component)

Which genres of quests are right for you?

This The format of the games more often resembles some levels of the famous television program " Fort Boyard."

Purpose: here, in addition to the quest riddles, there may be more jumps, jogging, dexterity, kneeling, or climbing somewhere -  it all depends on the imagination of the authors. In general, the main differencefrom others quests in the absence of looking at the clothes of team members, since usually  in advance warn about the change of clothes / shoes.

Topics: in general, any related to the need to overcome some physical obstacles.

Virtual games in reality

Which genres of quests are right for you ?

The game process is only in your imagination. Before entering the quest, each team member is wearing tight armbands on the eyes that are not removed until the end of the action. An alternate option may be augmented reality glasses, put on a team member to see details invisible to the eye. In addition, the virtual may not be all, but only part of the quest, as one of the tasks in the process of passing.

Purpose: Involvement and immersion in the quest occurs through the facilitator, and also with the help of allsense organs, except view. All actions in the process and the development of the scenario depend only on from the members of your team.

Themes: are unlimited. More often it's a detective story, but not necessarily. A virtual part can be a quest that visualizes one of the tasks

* * *

By the way, this is all about the ( that is, games in the room). There can be an out-of-town ( street) options, but that's a completely different story.

Let's try to divide people into several types and find out which quest who will be more suitable. Most likely, you will recognize yourself in this text.

Office employee

You are a busy person, go to work from 9 to 17, and maybe from 10 up to 18 - not so important. You spend most of your life in four walls with colleagues who see half, because the second half of them is hidden by the table, because you all sit there all the time. At lunch time, of course, sometimesYes, you can have time to discuss all the news with colleagues, but then we must go home to routine matters. And in the morning again.

You are ideally suited for such genres of quests as ... All! Just take it your colleagues and drag to any quest. Even if there is little time and everything free goes to the family - still try. Open this routine  the office world from the other side.

Creative Worker

You are an impressionable, bright, unusual person, even if in fact  you are an office worker. If you are a creative office worker. You fond of cinema, art, elegant cooking, you want to become or already became an actor, director, writer, musician, creative a businessman, in general, someone unusual. You have all sorts of ambitions, aspirations and a thirst for life.

You are ideally suited for thematic and sports quests. Sports because it is very important to switch from intellectual activity on the physical, such changes give a big tide, oddly enough, creative energy. Let's not argue, just try.

Your impressionable nature needs, of course, deep impressions. Therefore, choose a quest for your favorite movie, a certain era, character. Such quests are for many companies, choose from the pictures, reviews and the dictates of the soul.


You learn in school and adore computer games, board games, puzzles, spending time with friends. You have the whole life ahead of you and are sure that adults - do not understand anything and in general are too serious. In a sense, you are right. Do you now a wonderful time of life and everything that does not harm is right for you, this is we tell you, as adults. And it's all the same to you to solve, and this is correct.

You should ideally start with some kind of easy horror stories if you are a boy or a fearless girl. Nothing like that does not draw together at this age, as a thrill. Try to collect company and have a great time and make a bunch of cool photos for social networks.

If you do not like horror stories, try atmospheric quests, where there is bunkers, underground passages, colorful scenery, everything that can be like  to a great movie.


You value your time and know the price of everything in this life. You are busy person, you have a good reputation that you do not need to spoil any nonsense, only adults, serious lessons, only reasonable leisure with partners.

And try the logical quests. Gather business partners, friends, classmates, classmates and go with them to something  is where you need to move your brains. Select a high level complexity and qualitative design. See how your partners are get out of trouble and learn a lot about yourself.

Parents with children

You have a son, or even a daughter, or maybe both. To begin with, congratulations! With children playing any games is always a little bit  more fun. They are not so embarrassed themselves. Just watch them. Gather the companyfrom your child's friends and rather lead them to the quest with a small level of complexity. That it was not tiring for them test, but rather a game.

It is better if children can make their own decisions and actively participate in the quest, and not you for all of them will do it. By the way, if you - class teacher or counselor - it will be excellent to take children on the quest - there you can see their characters, problems, learn, how they interact with the team.

A pair of lovers

Wow! Do you have a girlfriend, a guy, or maybe you are just married. You need together learn the whole world, try all the unusual, learn all the joys pair being. You are interesting to each other, you need to find out what your common, what is different, understand how you live together painlessly and without dramas. Try pair quests, there are not very many, but they are.

You will see how your partner achieves his goal, how he behaves in a stressful situation, as he has with logic, imagination and imaginationm. This can be a very interesting experience that will bring you closer. Well maybe and vice versa. It's hard to say in advance.

If the two seem a bit boring, take with you one more pair, so you can spend time even more intense, at the same time you will know, as they have a relationship, and suddenly there is much to learn, or vice versa,  what to avoid until it's too late.

Just a good man

You work as a builder, plumber, waiter, courier, hairdresser, but at least a lawn mower, at least retired - it does not matter. You not an office employee, but do not really consider yourself creative. You are good own your business, do not sit up your pants and do not shift papers,  you always see the result of your work.

Try out cognitive quests or quests-performances with actors. In general, you need quests that involve maximum involvement in the process, where you can learn something new or interact with actors. This will be an excellent change of scenery.