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Quest for help: the best charitable projects of questums

The organizers of the quests not only give joy to people, but sometimes they help charity foundations or arrange actions to help those in need. In Russia, quest charity is only just beginning to develop, but in the West, there are many similar examples. Let's figure out who, how and where you can help with pleasure: you play, and benefactors - money for new projects.

Charitable deductions from gains on games

In the West, such actions are carried out by almost every large querrum: on a certain day (or several days) of the year, from each paid quest, a certain amount is deducted for charity.

Here, for example, the British The Great Escape Sheffield for two months - from mid-October to mid-December deducted 125 pounds from each game (price for players - 200 pounds) in The Alcatraz room to the children's hospital. Philanthropists even set a goal - to collect 5 thousand pounds to equip the observation room in the new wing of the hospital.

And here's another British quest Exodus Escape Rooms in London two weeks deducted 10 pounds from each game this organizer three questrums) to the fund, which helps the veterans of the armed forces.

In Russia, most philanthropists are among the organizers of small querums in the regions. They collect money for animal shelters, help orphans and sick children.

For example, Questrum.rf in Kaliningrad held a charity event before the start of the school year : all players were given a discount in the amount of 10% on the game, if they promised to buy on theseенги канцтовары for needy children or give money to the organizers of the quest, which bought for the entire amount of gifts and took them to the Shelter for children and adolescents on Turgenev Street in Kaliningrad.

And in Saratov in September 2015 and did a unique action: seven quests of the city for one day set a single price - 2000 rubles per game, and transferred all received money to the nonprofit" News of Hope " to help needy children.

Free games for children

It is possible to help orphan children not only with money, but with impressions: and in their life there are not so many. Some quests, for example the Sevastopol "Abaska", set the time in which children from boarding homes can go through gamesit's completely free . In Sevastopol, such an action takes place every Monday. The organizers are offering the "Paradox of the Twins" to the children, which is widely believed to be one of the best quests of this organizer, and indeed in the city.

At the heart of the quest is the story of the disappearance of one of the twin brothers who believes in life on other planets. Quest is not terrible and suitable for children, especially dreaming about flying to the moon and meeting with aliens. The team, using the boy's diary, needs to find the way through the stars and find the space traveler.

Charitable Quests

This direction of charity is only beginning to develop in our country, and throughout the world. Instead of just giving money to the fund, a quest room arrives at its management, which gives a stable income. It's like giving a stock to a successful company instead of money, which will only grow in price.

In Canada, in Charlottetown for more than a year, " PEI Escape Rooms "- the world's first non-commercial quest, all proceeds from whose work go to the Resource Center of Volunteering, which conducts charitable activities in the province of Prince Edward Island.

Now under the brand "PEI Escape Rooms" there are three rooms at once: "Laboratory of the Magician", "Office" and "Lost in the Forest". The cost of the game is from 18 to 20 dollars per person, depending on the number of players. By the way, the donations from the benefactors are good - the fact is that PEI Escape Rooms are the only quests in Charlottetown, so all lovers of escapes quests in the city automatically become benefactors.

There are charitable quests in the USA. For example, the classic of the genre " locked in a room with a zombie " in Chicago also deducts all profits for an unusual charitable project: the organizers of the quest arrange a one-day trip for children from disadvantaged families in New York, To the work of their dreams.Thus, the guys show that despite their social status and life in poverty, they can become anyone: the head of the corporation, the football coach, the TV star.

And in Russia the " Hawking " has opened and is successfully working in Russia, which not only helps invalids with money, but also allows players to feel what is happening to people living & nbsp; without sight and hearing. 50% of the cost of each game is sent to the charitable foundation "Co-Unity", which is engaged in supporting deafblind people.

There is now a room open for the public: "Another world", in which you will get acquainted with the world of deafblind and try to communicate with your team-mates on the command without words and gestures. The organizers say that people get lost in a dark and absolutely quiet room at the first moment, and only when they leave the shock because of the loss of two basic feelings they start acting. The quest is multi-room, the tasks are mostly to find and communicate, so the team should consist of 3-4 people at least - the two of you are unlikely to manage and leave in 60 minutes. In the near future in "Hawking" the second quest "The Lost Library of Ivan the Terrible" opens - also a charitable one.