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Quests for the lonely: we collect a team or go alone

Quest - this is primarily team entertainment. But what about those whose friends do not share a passion for adventure in a locked room with puzzles? Or maybe you're in a strange city, do not know anyone, but do not want to "lose form"? It turns out that you can go to quests alone. And you can get into a team of absolutely unfamiliar people or even make your own - according to your interests. Let's figure out how to do it.

Join the team

If you have an almost unlimited amount of free time, but do not like to organize strangers in the team, and want to join someone, look at the announcements of teams that are looking for 1-2 participants in the quest organizer groups. Claustrophobia and World of Quests " in groups "VKontakte", for example, in regular topics there are messages like "We are looking for 1 person on a medieval castle on Saturday 28 at 20: 45. "Usually these are the teams that suddenly lost one of the participants and do not want to overpay for the game.The time, place, theme - everything is already defined, it remains only to understand if you can be there, and, most importantly, whether you want.

Picking up your team

Are you ready to organize the team yourself and have already decided on the quest? Then write the message in the group yourself. The time is better not to specify - determine the one that is convenient for everyone when you collect the team. The biggest topic is dedicated to collecting your team from St. Petersburg « iLocked », but for other cities the already familiar to us group "Claustrophobia" is perfect. We advise you to immediately indicate in an announcementwhich specific quests, or at least some topics you are interested in, so that later there will be no misunderstandings. In addition to social networks, the company is looking for a quest on the forums . True, there are not so many interested persons as "VKontakte", but there is a convenient breakdown by regions.

Go to the quest alone

Love quests or just want to try, but do not want to be in the company of strangers? Then choose games that you can go to alone. The benefit of such a lot - in Moscow alone, about 30 quests, which organizers officially invite singles. True, it will cost as much as a team quest, so entertainment will not come out cheap. But the pleasure will be no less, and adrenaline even more than when playing with friends. Sort quests by the number of players you can here .

If you do not like quests that you can go through alone, or you want to try some specific story, try to negotiate with the organizer. They often make concessions, if possible, and in those places where at least two players are required, the operator watching the game will help you to cope with the task. In addition, the quest room can pre-prepare for you, removing or simplifying, if possible, all the riddles intended for teams.

Quest Dating

Open game: such a concept has long existed in the world quest community. The organizer takes the search for the team, and, more accurately, announces the date and time when those who want a single person (of course, by appointment) are not familiar with each other, they can come and play together. In Russia, this format is not yet widespread, but in Europe, such quests are more than enough, so if inYou are going on vacation, for example, in Amsterdam, and you know the English language well - see Sherlocked on "the Vault" ) or "the Architect" (Architect).

City quests

An excellent solution for those who have not yet assembled their team, and likes to spend a lot of time in the open air - these are city quests. Usually, single players are united by organizers, and in an hour and a half of a game you, quite possibly, become friends so much that you will continue to walk together in quest rooms. Unfortunately, in Russia this format is still rare. Basically, it's not story quests with teams and organizers, but city quest-walks with a smartphone , during which you can explore local attractions and look at the already familiar streets from a different angle.