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Why the quest is better corporate: 10 reasons

With horror, remember the last corporate and think about how next time to avoid this binge drinking with karaoke and dancing on the tables? Or just do not like to waste time wasting time with colleagues, even if everything is done in a civil and cultural way? We have an excellent way for you - bring the team to the quest in reality. Especially for those who decide how your next "working holiday" will take place, we have gathered seven reasons for holding it in the quorum. & nbsp; If you are the boss, study for yourself, and if not yet, print and place your boss on the table.

Quest is both a holiday and training in team building.

Unlike sincere conversations for wine and vodka, the quest will really unite your team, because all tasks will require teamwork. And if you choose the right scenario, then you can work out specific situations, for example, joint brainstorming, mutual assistance or multitasking. It's not for nothing that in Japan and the US quests in reality develop mainly as corporate, rather than family or friendly entertainment. Solving complex problems by joint efforts, and not in a boring office environment, but in the atmosphere of your favorite movie or an exciting adventure - is the best way to make your team of dreams out of your employees.

No mobile phones.

If you are annoyed that during the company paid for the rally team, half of this team is sitting in a smartphone, going to the quest is the perfect way out. Because before the start of the game the phones from the participants will be taken away altogether and put in a special locker for the key. No more calls for work, sms from home and love letters in social networks. Stay, finally, one on one with your colleagues. At the same time, look at who for an hour without gadgets rathe neurosis is called.

Tomorrow to work? No problem!

Quest - entertainment is non-alcoholic. And this means that such a corporate can be held not only on the eve of New Year's, March or May holidays, but also literally any day of the year. And the next day to go to work: without a hangover and anxious memories of what happened yesterday. Therefore, boldly transfer the New Year's party from a busy December, when accountants need to beat the annual report, and employees - to hand over projects to customers, at the beginning of January. And then with new impressions forward, in the working year!

You do not need to write a speech. And listen.

If you do not sit at the table, but go to play, the boss will not have to say dull speeches. A subordinate - they listen and smile politely. If you are the boss, this will save you from the need to write the same dull speech in advance, which, you know it in advance, no one wants or will notactually listen. Remember those years when you went to corporate parties even in the status of a specialist. Has your boss ever said something really important at the table? Leave the rant for meetings.

This will preserve your reputation.

If your business depends on the reputation of the company, seriously think about what to replace the corporate booze before the new year, 23rd February and 8th March. Corporative in questrum means that after it there will be no "consequences" on YouTube, in the form of a video with hundreds of thousands of views of the drunken adventures of your employees. The probability of inflicting reputational damage to your company on the quest is zero. After all, your team failed & nbsp; with the quest, there is nothing shameful. And in the way your main client manager danced a drunk striptease & hellip; Well, depending on what your company does!

It's cheaper.

Yes, yes, the quest is a great way to save oncorporate in a crisis. Consider yourself: if you have a small team, and not an enterprise for 100 employees, then the corporate even in the most modest cafe will cost you 1,5-2 thousand rubles per person. And, for example, the quest for 7 players based on the popular series "The Game of Thrones" will cost 5500 rubles for everyone, even at the most expensive time (on weekends). On weekdays - cheaper (3500). Or the "Cinema of Oblivion" from "Claustrophobia", designed for 8 people, whose quests are usually one of the most expensive among competitors, will cost you 9 thousand rubles in "top" time, that is, at 1125 rubles per person. For that kind of money, you're only in McDonald's & nbsp; & nbsp; gatherings can arrange. ( By the way, we have an excellent selection of quests for a large company ).

You will learn a lot about your employees.

It is unlikely that you will ever need the information that Masha from the accounting department knows by heartall the songs of the group "Vorovaiki", and IT's Peter can drink a liter of beer in one gulp. But the observations that you make during the quest, you can really need in the future work. For example, if you are thinking of raising someone after Maria Ivanovna's retirement for a well-deserved pension, see which of the employees will take on the organizational functions during the assignment. And if you are looking for a new creator, take a closer look at the employee who offers the most unusual solutions during the quest - maybe that's what you need.

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