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Escapes in Moscow \ Новости квестов \ Moskvich was photographed on the rights in a hat-durshalge

Moskvich was photographed on the rights in a hat-durshalge

A resident of Moscow, Andrey Filin, made sure that he was photographed for driving certificate in the cap, depicting a colander.

Filin is an adept of pastafarianism - parodic religion, postulating the existence of the invisible Great flying macaroni monster as the supreme deity. In order to obtain permission for a photo in a colander, Filin pointed to the traffic police officers for his right to freedom of religion.

The followers of pastafarianism around the world seek permission to be photographed on documents with a colander on their head. The first person to successfully realize this is the Austrian Nico Alm - his autograph is flaunted on the cap-colander Filin. In November 2015, we wrote about the first American, who also managed to realize the right to put a colander on the head in timefor photographing a driver's license.

According to Filin, he managed to achieve his right without a scandal. He became the first Russian of the pastafarian, who managed to be photographed on an official document in this way.