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North Korea announced the creation of alcohol-free alcohol


The only English-language newspaper in North Korea Pyongyang Times announced that the scientists of this country have created alcohol that does not cause a hangover.

According to North Korean journalists and scientists, a miracle drink, which does not have a headache in the morning, is called liqueur Koryo. The edition describes its epithet "courteous" and states that the strength of the drink is in the range between 30 and 40 degrees.

The secret of a non-liqueur-causing liqueur supposedly in substitution for the preparation of sugar for "boiled and burned sticky rice" the workers of the beverage factory guessed. In fact, Koryo liqueur has long been an attribute of the table of the privileged strata of the population of the DPRK, but the property of not causing a hangover, obviously, should have appeared from himRecently,

In addition, the liquor also contains "essential amino acids and vitamins" and is a popular remedy, according to the publication. Journalists also describe the drink, which is entirely "characterizing the national coloring" of the country.

However, you should not trust North Korean publications too much. First, hangover syndrome is largely due to the direct effects of ethanol on the body, which is present when consuming any alcohol.

Secondly, recently North Korean journalists also announced about another development of its scientists - the medicine Kymdan-2, which, according to their assumptions, is capable of curing cancer, AIDS, tuberculosis and dozens of other diseases.

In any case, it's unlikely to try North Korean liquor - he does not careIt is exported, and the products that are consumed inside the DPRK are difficult even for a few tourists arriving there .