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  • Квест White noise, Москва фото
  • Квест White noise, Москва фото
    • Квест White noise, Москва фото
    White noise(Grimteam)
    Escape room «White noise» в Moscow
    Price 3 500 – 4 500 руб.
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    Escape room «White noise» in Moscow


    Quest "White Noise" is based on real events. The phenomenon of the White Noise was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century. With the development of radio communications, thousands of radio amateurs, at different times and in different countries, began to detect subtle fluctuations in the measured grid of noise emanating between the steady signals of radio stations. This was defined as the PHG
    (The Phenomenon of the Electronic Voice). Sounds could be deciphered and revealed clear messages that came directly from the other world ... The spirits of the deceased, trying to communicate with their loved ones, without knowing it themselves, admitted to our World those who should never have been heard ...
        From the archives, declassified only in 2007, the GrimTeam team found out that in our country there were also cases of communication with the dead, using the White Noise method.
    Soviet scientist, academician and head of the Institute of Long-range Radio Communication (NIIDAR) - Markov VI He encountered this phenomenon not by hearsay. The family of the scientist was killed in a car accident. To contact them became the goal of his life. Thanks to his education, his position and personal tragedy, Valentin Igorevich achieved tremendous success in studying the White Noise. After having given this work many years, he established the same contact with deceased relatives, but it was too expensive for the unfortunate scientist. Gradually losing his mind, he began to try to create a permanent repeater in order to continuously communicate with his wife Larisa and daughter Julia. He did it! The repeater worked and the contact was established. Not only Larissa and Yulenka talked with Markov, but also those who were not at all worth listening to ... Unknown voices demanded new souls ... Markov had to go to the crime to leave, but ...
        Team GrimTeam found the laboratory Markov VI. in the complex NIIDAR and invites you to find out what happened to the academician and understand why the authorities for a long time hid it.
        The main thing is to stay alive and not go insane ...

    About the escape room

    Everyone is familiar with hissing and various interferences between the frequencies of radio stations - in scientific terms this is called white noise, that is, the most chaotic and indistinguishable signal. It is well known that it can not contain any information. Of course, if you do not listen too long ...
    Professor Markov already paid for this, beginning to hear in the noise the voices of the dead, including his close relatives. Visit his laboratory and find out the secret of the terrible discovery of Professor Markov, but be careful - do not let the white noise drive you crazy ...
    Quest will suit lovers of mystical adventures with a touch of scientificity in the spirit of post-Soviet tabloid fiction. If infernal horror fascinates you no less than strange indications of the oscilloscope, then "White noise" is created just for your multifaceted nature.

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