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  • Квест The circus left, Москва фото
  • Квест The circus left, Москва фото
    • Квест The circus left, Москва фото
    The circus left(3600 sekund)
    Escape room «The circus left» в Moscow
    Price 3 000 – 4 000 руб.
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    Escape room «The circus left» in Moscow



    Theater phantasmagoric phenomena. Arena, where the possibilities of the human body and mind are twisted to the limit. Every movement, emotion, splashes of fire and growl of beasts are weaved together. We look at this with a sinking heart, understanding and accepting for the present this illusion. Here fantasies, laughter and tears are born.
    But behind the scenes, inside the giant circus machine, betrayal, love, envy and fear are boiling in a common cauldron. Honesty turns into evil intentions and now the worshiping crowd is ready to lynch its idol.
    The case of the betrayal of his colleagues by the clown Roger became the loudest in the history of the circus. Stolen props they broke the beginning of the circus season.
    Journalists compete with each other in sensations, the ether is torn from exposing headlines. The main entertainer of the circus, dwarf Goliath, is sure of the guilt of the clown.
    But is it really so?

    About the escape room

    Clown Roger was the idol of the audience. His colleagues respected him, the press loved and the public admired. But things changed after the props disappeared from the circus before the start of the new season. Representation is broken, everyone is indignant, and the entertainer dwarf Goliath accuses of Roger's crime. Thanks to the press, everyone will know about the business and an angry crowd is ready to lynch the guilty clown. But, as is usually the case, reality is somewhat more complicated than the majority's notion of it.
    You have to untangle the tangle of far from the easiest puzzles. The quest is especially suitable for fans of detectives, and the additional option - "find a company logo in the room and get 5 minutes to pass" - will add to your adventure a little more excitement.

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