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  • Квест The Caribbean Gambit, Москва фото
  • Квест The Caribbean Gambit, Москва фото
    • Квест The Caribbean Gambit, Москва фото
    The Caribbean Gambit(Enigma-club)
    Escape room «The Caribbean Gambit» в Moscow
    Price 5 000 – 9 000 руб.
    Escapes in Moscow \ escape rating \ Escape room «The Caribbean Gambit» in Moscow

    Escape room «The Caribbean Gambit» in Moscow

    About the escape room

    The legend: 1962 year. The sinking of the Caribbean Crisis, in response to the deployment of medium-range missiles in Turkey, the USSR deploys its missiles in Cuba, J. Kennedy and N.S. Khrushchev is ready to press at any time on the "nuclear button". This was decided by the activists of the terrorist organization "Brothers of the Apocalypse", whose main goal is to bring nuclear war closer to punish all sinners, which they believe are all developed countries. Their agents penetrated all power institutions around the world. And today the unforeseen happened - they took advantage of the fact that NS Khrushchev went fishing near Yalta, penetrated into the cabinet and carried out the launch of missiles from the territory of Cuba. Knowing the impulsive nature of the First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, the professor who developed this button made a delay of launching for 90 minutes. But there are only 70 minutes left to stop the End of the World. Only NS knows about this. Khrushchev and Professor Edward Poplavsky, who was sent to Cuba to create a launch system. 2 groups are sent to Havana and to the NS Cabinet. Khrushchev for the salvation of the world.

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