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  • Квест Guard room, Москва фото
  • Квест Guard room, Москва фото
    • Квест Guard room, Москва фото
    Guard room(
    Escape room «Guard room» в Moscow
    Price 3 000 – 4 500 руб.
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    Escape room «Guard room» in Moscow


    So that during the robbery you are not covered by the police, you need to conduct preparatory measures and turn off the alarm. To turn off the alarm, you need to get into the security room. In the guard work people with unstable psyche and uncontrolled attacks of aggression, and they are headed by a frank sadist. Keep this in mind if you want to stay alive.

    About the escape room

    This is one of the quests in the Casino series, in which your team has to challenge Jack Creighton, the owner of the establishment, who is rumored to have sold his soul to Satan for business success and easy money. Your team is going to rob the depository of the casino, and in order for the money to be stolen like clockwork, you need to enter the security room and turn off the alarm. But it's unlikely that security officials will meet robbers with open arms, especially since their boss is a famous sadist and psychopath, and picks up a bouncer to himself. This is really a difficult and terrible quest, which is recommended only to very experienced players. The creators tried to ensure that from the first seconds of the participants plunged into the legend, so first you have to deal with your fears, and only then to do the secrets of the security room.

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