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  • Квест Glory Number, Москва фото
  • Квест Glory Number, Москва фото
    • Квест Glory Number, Москва фото
    Glory Number(
    Escape room «Glory Number» в Moscow
    Price 3 000 – 4 500 руб.
    Escapes in Moscow \ escape rating \ Escape room «Glory Number» in Moscow

    Escape room «Glory Number» in Moscow


    Mr. Creighton has Mrs. Creighton, and he also has a mistress. Former stripper Gloria. One of the few people in this world who have power over him. To be to her as close as possible, Jack took for her posh apartments in a casino hotel. He trusts Gloria so much that he gave her the second key from the vault. Once in her room, you have to understand what is hidden behind the mask of "blonde."

    About the escape room

    The first quest from the series "Casino" - a cycle of games during which your team robs the institution of the crazy, perverted tycoon of Jack Creighton's gambling business - is conceived as a training game for beginners. Therefore, the tasks there will be fairly simple and uncomplicated, but everyone will have to pass it in order to get the opportunity to participate in the "super-quest" series. One of the keys to the Warehouse, Mr. Creighton, entrusted his mistress to the mistress of Gloria, who lives in a luxury casino hotel. The quest involves an actor who works perfectly with the audience, so even experienced quests, whose tasks are unlikely to cause any difficulties, will not be disappointed by the game.

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