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  • Квест Polar station, Москва фото
  • Квест Polar station, Москва фото
    • Квест Polar station, Москва фото
    Polar station(Claustrophobia)
    Escape room «Polar station» в Moscow
    Price 1 000 – 2 500 руб.
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    Escape room «Polar station» in Moscow


    You are members of the expedition to the south pole. The hurricane damaged your equipment, and you not only remained unconnected, but also lost your way. The polar station you came across could be your salvation, and you hoped so. But it was abandoned. No provisions, no first aid kit, no connection. All you have to do is try to establish communication with the Big Earth yourself, until a terrible storm begins that will prevent the rescuers from finding you.

    About the escape room

    You were trapped among the snows and inhuman cold of the Antarctic at an abandoned polar station. The strongest hurricane, which broke off the connection and knocked you off the planned route, forced your team to interrupt the expedition to the south pole. You are lucky that you found a shelter and now all the thoughts are just how to survive the bad weather and return to where there are people. But for this it is necessary to work hard, because the equipment at the station is broken, and difficult weather conditions prevent the repair.
    Quest is suitable for fans of atmospheric adventures, not afraid for an hour to immerse themselves in the real Antarctic cold. Dressed in a real sheepskin coat, you will have to feel the entourage of extreme conditions that open up additional opportunities in a person that you could not even suspect!

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