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  • Квест Friday the 13th, Москва фото
  • Квест Friday the 13th, Москва фото
    • Квест Friday the 13th, Москва фото
    Friday the 13th(Horrorhouse)
    Escape room «Friday the 13th» в Moscow
    Price 6 000 – 10 000 руб.
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    Escape room «Friday the 13th» in Moscow


    Performance based on the cult thriller about the insane killer. You have to feel like a victim of a mad maniac and meet face to face with him, and his chainsaw. You will go back to the past and fall into the den, the one who in the 70s was terrified of the entire western coast of the United States. 5 professional actors, riddles and traps on a two-level platform.

    Performance on the motives of a sensational cult thriller about a mad maniac. You will feel like a victim in the lair of the killer and try to escape from him.

    "... Something in his face, mutilated by the virus, still betrayed a man.In his eyes only madness was read, but only he could help us to be saved ..."

    About the escape room

    Generation of a genius doctor - the most dangerous virus that turns people into zombies, is out of control. One of the victims is the doctor himself, but only he has an invaluable antidote! You will have to solve this contradiction with the help of weapons and your own courage.
    The performance is located on the territory of the former ZIL plant, so the atmosphere of post-apocalypse will swallow you up even before the game starts. You have to shoot a lot, communicate with actors and do everything yourself - there are no tips, but the passage time of the game is increased to 100 minutes! More than 200 square meters of action on two levels await those who are not afraid to face this amazing adventure.

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