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Art lovers do not pass by: in reality quests collected in this section, you can learn a lot about their favorite works and genres. Especially for people with a keen sense of beauty, the organizers of the quests in reality created rooms where you can reveal the secrets of the backstage theater, try yourself in a new role (for example, as a soloist of a rock band), and even Rob a Museum! Not spared, of course, the writers side and genres such as film, Opera and even circus skills - about each of them you will find in this section the appropriate scenario. What hides the dressing room of the old theater, what mystery hid for future generations in their masterpieces of the genius of the Renaissance of Leonardo da Vinci, and what unusual things can be found in the workshop of the restorer - all of this you will learn in the quests about art. Especially these games will be useful to students and students who soon pass why the world of art culture – to teach artists on quests still more interesting than reading them in thick textbooks. By the way, if you always wanted to find out what is happening in museums after closing and how to protect the masterpieces of world painting and sculpture – you too here. Quests-Museum robberies have recently been in no less demand in the industry than scenarios in which you need to get into a Bank vault or Rob a casino. After all, other paintings are known to cost more than all the money you can carry in a bag of safe Deposit boxes. Art in quests is always beautiful, informative and very fun.

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