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If you are just going to start going on quests in reality and right now choose a scenario for the first session in life – this section our editorial office has created especially for you. It contains easy quests that even inexperienced players can successfully cope with. And, at the same time, during the game you will be able to understand in details what do the mysteries, mechanisms and outcomes are in Escape room and what, exactly, is expected of you from the organizers. If you are already an experienced player and have passed more than a dozen quests, still take these scenarios to note: they are very convenient to try out a new team, without risking to leave the room after 60 minutes, without solving half the puzzles. After all, as you know, anyone, even the most powerful and highly intelligent team, you must first get used to each other, as they say, "play" to start acting as a whole, and it can take a lot of time. And quests for beginners-this is a great place to just relax during the game and not to worry about the fact that you may not have time for something in the allotted time for the passage of the quest. Enjoy the process of solving puzzles without haste and fuss! In quests in reality simply-does not mean boring, so even lightweight scenarios will surely be remembered for a long time and leave a lot of pleasant emotions. And, of course," delayed " in the quest industry for a long time: from such high-quality and bright kvestrumov even the most skeptical newcomers come true fans of the genre of quests in reality.

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