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They say that in our time books are no longer in Vogue: they say movies and computer games are replacing this outdated way of obtaining information and pastime from the agenda of young people. Quests in reality prove the opposite: good games, scenarios which are based on the famous literary works, are very popular among young teams and older people. In Moscow alone of such quests through books typed a few dozen. So if such names as John Tolkien, Arthur Conan Doyle, Lewis Carroll and Mikhail Bulgakov about than something you say, take a look at the quests, placed in this section. Often, quests are made on the books of the adventure genre, and many of them are suitable for both adults and children. The most popular scenarios are based on detective stories, fantasy literature and fairy tales, as well as historical books. Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Alice the Wonderland traveler, the brave hobbits and other inhabitants of middle – earth – all these characters of the works having world glory come to life in book quest rooms. Literary locations are made with imagination, but, at the same time, respect for the original: the decorators read the author's description several times before starting work on the room. Therefore, with such kostroman now you will be able to survive the events on which so much time reading in the novels, and write favorite stories a new ending: what you like it.

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