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From Ancient Egypt to the cellars of the Medieval Inquisition, from the mysteries of the Mayan priests to the secrets of the great Leonardo da Vinci workshop-in this section you will find real quests dedicated to the events of different historical eras. On these quests you can safely study world history, because they cover almost all periods of human development, from the third Millennium BC, to the events of the middle of XX century already our era, whose witnesses are still alive and well. Here you will find fascinating scenarios devoted to different historical epochs and peoples. Such quests are always like getting into a time machine: you can make a trip to Ancient Egypt, or see how our ancestors lived in the middle Ages, and maybe become heroes of events in the Wild West of America of the XIX century. Many quests about the era are based on various episodes of Russian history, such as the reign of Ivan the terrible or the decline of the Russian Empire. And if you are more interested in other countries, you will always find in this section of the game, dedicated to Japanese samurai, American Indians, Scandinavian tribes-the quests have a fairly extensive geography. Historical quests are always not only an exciting adventure scenario, but also spectacular scenery: to recreate the atmosphere of the era used copies of the original objects of the time, as well as interiors, known for paintings and prints. And historical quests will bring undoubted benefits for learning or self-education, because the knowledge gained in the game are absorbed much better than from boring textbooks.

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