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If you are crazy about cars and spend days and nights in the garage, share your passion with friends who do not understand anything in the engines and carburetors can be using a quest in reality. Quests in the garage, which are offered by some organizers, will be clear even far from the world of cars and motorcycles man, and these mechanics and do feel in their element. Whether it's a repair shop, luxury car service or "shell" of the old biker, garage, with the rubble of jars, parts and tools fraught with many mysteries, and deal with them – that's your task in the garage quest. Or maybe the garage is just a cover for the underground gang or a brothel of thieves and drug addicts? Anyway, in the quest garage you will find something to do and where to get. By the way, this game is well suited for those who do not understand anything in cars, but has friends-motorists, or girls, guys who are crazy about racing – in the garage quest the latter will feel at home, and you will get the long-awaited opportunity to spend time together. And beginners to plunge into the world of motorists and bikers with the help of quest puzzles and famously twisted plot will be much easier than trying to peruse the tutorial on the mechanics or read a dozen topics on the automotive forum. The quests in the garage – it's exciting, technologically advanced and useful. By the way, the West has moved on, and arrange Kostroma with real working cars. Perhaps soon this fashion will reach us.

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