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Quests in this section are devoted to the middle Ages - the era of stone castles, knight tournaments, witch hunting and cruel Inquisition. Only scientists know that in fact these unenlightened centuries were dirty, smelly and lice. In ordinary people, the middle Ages are associated with a romantic time when wars were fought on swords, beautiful ladies wore long dresses and caps, and Europe was ruled by great kings. And quests about the middle Ages will fully meet these expectations. Their creators and decorators decided not to shock the players with piquant details, such as slops running through the streets and rats running through the corridors of the castles, and made a clean and incredibly beautiful version of the XII-XIV centuries, taking only the best of that time. Stone walls, stained glass Windows, glare of torches, candle lights, heavy swords and books in ancient leather bindings – all these little details create in the quest in reality a unique atmosphere that will help to make the journey in time for six centuries ago. Most importantly, when you return to our age, do not bring the plague! Escape from the dungeons of the Inquisition, to search the knight's castle, to reveal the secrets of the old sorcerer, and maybe even to seize the Royal throne: all this will be quite possible for you in the quests about the middle Ages. By the way, these quests – also a great opportunity to captivate the history of the era of children who are just beginning to take place in the school of the great migration of peoples, the rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire and the times of the Crusades. After such an immersion in the subject, the lessons will not seem too boring!

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