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Who among us has not dreamed at least once to become a real hero and save his comrades, perhaps even at the cost of his life? Fortunately, our country has not had to fight for a long time, so in reality you probably will not have such a chance. But this does not mean that you can not, even for a short time, feel like a hero! Especially for those who do not have enough spy romance or soldier's life, created military quests in reality. To get to the rear of the enemy for top-secret information, to sabotage the enemy camp, to save his colleagues, captured, and can be transferred to the encryption that will decide the outcome of the war – all this is possible in the quests of the war. Many of them are made very naturalistic: among the props used models of weapons, standing in the arms of the Russian army or used in the Soviet years, and copies of ammunition in full size. Decorators try to come from the historical era (the Great Patriotic War or the war in Vietnam) and the mission of the participants, and the writers twist such dashing stories that fit to shoot new films about the war. There are even" quests from the future", in which players must prevent the Third world war or cope with the consequences of a nuclear Apocalypse or destroy insidious zombies attacking civilians. In such quests everyone can become a hero – Savior of his country! Check whether you have the spirit to gather strength and fulfill the order, when one scale – the fate of the Motherland, and the other – your life.

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