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In these quests come to life your favorite movies, because their scripts are based on the masterpieces of world cinema. "Gold standard" Hollywood screens stepped into the quest room, giving fans the opportunity to relive the events of the beloved paintings and visit the place of their main characters. Go to the temple of the Illuminati with Indiana Jones, try to survive in the bar "from dusk to dawn" or help Frodo from "the Lord of the rings" to destroy the ring or steal a million years as the heroes of the movie "Time", never to grow old and die: you will no longer be passive observers, and itself will become actors and can help your favorite characters. Movie quests-this is one of the most popular in the world of quest genres in reality. According to statistics, they are the second in the world in demand and make up about a quarter of all existing quest scenarios. And in the United States and Canada quests to film and even came in first place in popularity, outpacing all other zharna, like a historical quests and prison escapes of a few tens of percent. Fans of horror films and adventure fighters, fans of science fiction and dystopias, fans of fantasy and films about vampires and magicians, cartoon fans and children's tales – in this section, everyone is sure to find a quest to taste, which is based on the script of the picture that you probably watched and not once. And Yes, do not be surprised if the main character himself seems around the corner, because many quests in the films are also performances!

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