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Do you believe in the existence of supernatural forces? However, it does not matter – in quests any fantasy can become a reality, so that spirits and ghosts here – the same full-fledged characters as real people. It is all sorts of magic, spells and mysterious forces devoted quests collected in this section. Haunted houses, ancient family curses, vampire castles, and a witch's lair that is ready to put a curse on you - mystical locations can be quite varied, but one thing remains common. Their atmosphere is scary and fascinating, even if no one is chasing players, ringing chains, and not throwing them from a dark corner. Therefore, if you want to get a dose of adrenaline, but do not like horror quests with maniacs for baths with blood and dismembered corpses and other similar nausea surprises, choose mystical scenarios. By the way, such a quest – a great place even for skeptics who do not believe in ghosts, because to solve the puzzle, which involved the dark forces, sometimes more difficult than the crimes of the most evil villains – the rules of the game are unknown to you. Therefore, if you are ready to enter into a fight with the unknown and not be afraid when some kind of devilry is going around, choose a scenario to taste.

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