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The office can tell a lot about its owner: many people, especially high-ranking chiefs, officials and politicians, spend even more time in their office than at home. Therefore, it is in the offices, often keep their secret documents and secret savings of the powerful. To study such a place and find out what its owner is hiding is a task worthy of an experienced quest team. Whether it's the office of a mad scientist or the President of a small but very militant country, the head of a mafia clan or a high – ranking intelligence officer-they must hide a couple of hiding places and a few skeletons in the closet.
Quests in reality give their participants a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the world of the secret Masonic Lodge, through the office of one of its elders, to learn how to escape from unwanted visitors through the secret door of American presidents. But an interesting Cabinet quest can be arranged even in the usual at first glance place, like the office of a travel company, a district police station or the office of the General Director of a small company. Even in such familiar to ordinary people places, writers manage to place a lot of puzzles and puzzles. So don't set around in a leather chair authoritative, and barely got into the quest room, and begin looking for caches. You should hurry up: if the owner finds you in his Holy of holies, you nesdobrovat, whoever he was: an ordinary police officer or the owner of an underground casino.

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