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Bandits under sail, sea wolves, gentlemen of luck - as soon as they call the storm the seas of pirates. Robbers who plundered ships with goods on their fast and nimble boats, and then the schooners are known since the III century BC, but the romantic Fleur of their adventures acquired only in the last couple of century6 largely due to the violent imagination of writers who attributed to the pirates a lot of heroic deeds and desperate adventures. There are pirates and now, only now their activities is mired under criminal code and is punished by in different countries prison sentences. However, to join the world of sea robbers can be quite legally in the quests in reality: good pirates are the main actors in many scenarios. Quests about pirates-a romantic sea adventure. For interior decoration, decorators are using old maps, the steering wheels of ancient ships and even skeletons (also pirates, tortured by brothers-in-arms, trying to find out where their comrade buried treasure) Among the props of the pirate quests found many familiar books and movies the essential attributes of sea wolves, like the hat a triangle, cutlasses, treasure maps, telescopes, compasses and even a parrot. And how many on their ships of the stolen gold and jewelry – not to count. And all this can be yours if you manage to solve all the pirate puzzles and pass all the traps. Otherwise, turn into a dried skeleton, like the friend in the corner, or get a bullet in the forehead of the musket.

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