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Tired of the gray everyday life and tedious office routine? It seems that the brains, tired of monotonous actions, creak like rusty gears for any new task? It's time to get them up and running. The most fascinating and effective method is, of course, puzzle, and best of all to think of and arrange them in a beautiful history know how the creators of the quests in reality. Especially for you we have collected the most trivial scenarios, the passage of which you will have to smash his head on puzzles, which are left for you in Kostroma wily writers. Exciting stories, unusual solutions, tasks on logic, attentiveness and intelligence – all this you will find in the quests in reality, presented in this section. Most importantly, remember that every puzzle in the game necessarily has a solution, so in any case do not despair when something does not work, and if you deal with the task still does not work, you can always ask for a hint from the operator-he will not give you a direct answer, but will push to the decision, will help to look at the situation from a different angle. Remember, linear logic for the solution here will be a little useful and imagination, and a sense of humor. At the same time during the passage of quests posted in this section, you will be able to enjoy the unusual plot moves, bright decorations. And when you finally pass the script entirely, solving all the puzzles conceived by the creators, and having dealt with all the mechanisms, you will feel real pride for yourself and your team!

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