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Top escape roomsВсе виртуальные квесты в реальности (технология дополненной реальности) in by

The most high – tech direction of the quest industry-quests in virtual reality. Such games are conducted using VR glasses, helmets, or any other equipment that is designed to create virtual or mixed reality. In the market of quests in reality, such proposals are still a little, but the more reason to try: games in virtuality-this is a real exclusive, to try out which has not yet been all even experienced kvestomanam. The fact is that the most difficult thing in these games – not to draw a virtual world in which players will be immersed (something like this you can try and without any quests, just by buying VR-glasses or helmet in the store and download a program for them, for example, an adapted computer game), and provide the ability to team interaction of real people, to make players can see each other, communicate with each other and even solve problems in the course of the quest Most often, the quest scenarios in virtuality are somehow connected with the near future: space travel, computer technology and the latest scientific discoveries. Thanks to VR-technologies, you can already visit space, walk on the moon's surface or make a fantastic journey in time and space. By the way, virtual reality quests are also available for people with disabilities, who may have difficulties in passing the classic scenarios in the escape rooms because of the close scenery.

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