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To surf the seas and oceans – a difficult occupation, although incredibly interesting, and becomes a matter of life is not for everyone. But to visit on Board this ship, including the old one, and to study the intricacies of the sailors can not be recorded in the sailors on the ship: enough to pass the quest in reality, which is very accurately reproduces all the nuances of Maritime Affairs. After this quest, the harsh everyday life of the ship's team will no longer seem to you full of romance and admiring the seascapes. Even just go out on deck for most ordinary sailors-the whole event.
Quests nautical theme is a pretty diverse genre. Among them are both games that take place on the ship, like the modern, and the old ships, and even fantastic schooners, like the Flying Dutchman, mentioned only in books about pirates. Accordingly, the scenery in the quest room offers a completely different: from the metal valves and barometers on the dashboard, to the wooden steering wheel and telescope – indispensable attributes of the past captains. Some sea quests and not at all on the ship, and in a submarine. Just imagine: hundreds of meters of water over you and only one hour to escape and raise the submarine to the surface. This adrenaline rush will give you not every horror quest. So no matter what kind of quest or historical period the creators choose, the quests on the ship are always an exciting adventure that will leave you with a lot of bright impressions.

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