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What could be worse than being locked in an unfamiliar room? Only to be locked up in a sealed bunker, which can withstand even a nuclear strike or a direct hit of a ballistic missile. Therefore, you can not even try to throw your fists on the walls or try to knock out an armored door: all the same, you will not achieve anything, except that you will hurt or even worse break your arm or leg. Quests in the bunker – a very popular trend in the industry, as such rooms do not require large expenditures on scenery and, at the same time, invariably lead players to complete delight. With scenarios, each organizer is refined as it can: some draw up bunkers in the post-apocalyptic spirit and offer players to imagine themselves the only survivors of a nuclear disaster. Others have bins for secret laboratories in which mad scientists torture unfortunate test subjects, try to breed new species of dangerous animals, or conduct experiments with deadly viruses and biological weapons that could destroy all of humanity. Or maybe the bunker in which you will get within the quest, previously belonged to some famous politician or statesman? Anyway, the quests in the bunker - it's always an adrenaline rush. Solve puzzles and solve codes knowing that your life depends on it (even in the game, and not really) - it's always a sea of emotions, and a surge of happiness at a time when the door still opens, releasing your team at will, can not be compared with anything!

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