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The Egyptians are one of the oldest and most mysterious civilizations on our planet. Despite the fact that they left behind a huge burial structures – pyramids and tombs, numerous written sources and household items, scientists are still arguing about how people lived in the valley of the Nile five thousand years ago. The pyramid of Cheops and other gigantic Egyptian buildings are of great interest to hundreds of thousands of people around the world who come to Egypt just to see one of these wonders of the world. It seems that even historians who have devoted all their lives to the study of Egypt do not fully understand what they mean. From Russia, the aircraft in this African country is not flying, but even when they fly, such a trip will not be affordable for everyone. But this does not mean that the fans of ancient Egyptian culture can not join its mysteries without leaving the country – this opportunity gives them quests about Egypt, which have many organizers. Naturalistic scenery (some kostromov the creators use real boulders and Golden sand, just like in the desert), authentic paintings (Yes, the characters are taken not "from a ceiling", and from books on Egyptology), mummies and sarcophagi, and most importantly, puzzles and clever mechanical traps in true Egyptian spirit, that's what awaits you behind the doors of kostromov. Such quests in reality will be interesting for adults who have long dreamed of being in the country of the pyramids, and children who pass the history of Ancient Egypt in school or read books about pharaohs and priests.

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