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Who said that you can find games exclusively for adults? It is also a great place to spend time with your family and become, finally, not just a mother, father, son and daughter, but a real team. Best of all, this is suitable for quests based on your favorite fairy tales: both old and modern. So enough to read the children at night another story about the adventures of Ivan the Prince: it is better to explore with the children the hut Baba Yaga and learn the secret secrets of the old woman with a bone leg. Or maybe you prefer the story of Lewis Carroll about Alice in Wonderland and through the looking glass? These books have grown more than one generation of children, but until recently they could only read about the adventures of the main character, and now they have the opportunity to see The white Rabbit with a clock, meet with a Mad Hatter, try to catch the smile of a Cheshire cat and, most importantly, win the Chervonnuyu Queen. Quest in explanation of these remarkable tales in Moscow alone has almost a dozen! In the new year holidays, you can visit the factory with the children of Santa Claus and help the old man and his magical elves with packaging and sending gifts, and in the summer heat – go down to the cool underground Kingdom Koshchei Immortal for a magic sword and, at the same time, to release some beautiful Princess. However, such quests on fairy tales like not only children but also adults: in the end, who of us do not want to return to childhood for a while and at least for one hour to believe that miracles happen?

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