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To be in the hospital is a nightmare for any child and even an adult, and ... a dream for experienced kvestomanov. They know that in the walls of the medical institution they are not necessarily waiting for injections, enemas and droppers: sometimes the chambers and corridors can be a place of exciting adventures. Quests in the hospital is a very popular kind of escapes and horror quests. They will undoubtedly appeal to fans of thrills and bloody details. It is a pleasure to make decorations for the organizers for such a quest. The very kind of different kinds of medical devices already inspires the participants of the game animal horror, and if you leave traces of blood on the tile and white sheets, and somewhere in the corner to put an enamel container with freshly treated entrails during the operation, even the most calm and skeptical players will be afraid. In the quest hospitals, your team will find out what the doctors are hiding behind their masks and white robes, how to recognize a dangerous maniac among real doctors, and what to do if you are mistakenly locked in a psychiatric hospital where everyone, just like you, is trying to prove to the nurses that they are not crazy. Separate and, perhaps, the most terrible kind of hospital quests – quests in the morgue. Many organizers don't skimp and buy the graphic models of human bodies, so very impressionable and timid in such kostromy the entrance is strictly prohibited. But if you're not like that, go for a shot of adrenaline. Just do not get sick, and then after such adventures the prospect of being in the hospital will seem even more frightening than before!

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