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If you are tired of the gray days and realized that you do not have enough miracles in life, but you still do not lose faith in magic, go to magical quests in reality. There all your fantasies will come true, and the spells will work! All fairy tales, all books about sorcerers and sorcerers literally come to life in front of you, thanks to the talent of writers and new technologies. And unusual puzzles will help you look at the surrounding reality beyond the logic and routine. The creators of quests on the theme of magic are inspired by the masterpieces of world literature and cinema: the fantasy trilogy "Lord of the Rings", the heroic epic about the ring of the Nibelung, even books about Hogwarts, about the young wizard Harry Potter and his friends. High-tech gadgets are responsible for magic in the quests: for example, audio cameras that are triggered on a certain word - "spell", or laser beams, with which the "magic portal"is opened. Professional work with light and sound helps to maintain a magical atmosphere. Thanks to this synthesis of scenery in the medieval spirit and high technology, magic quests will appeal to both children and adults. The first will see them as" real " magic, just like in fairy tales, which they read at night. And the second will have the opportunity to once again wonder how far in our time has gone scientific and technological progress. And you can just relax, try to believe in a miracle, and then the fairy tale will come to life, and the world around will be filled with real magic!

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