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If fairy tales and magic-it's not about you, because you prefer mechanical puzzles and high technology, you've come to the destination. We are sure - you will like the quests collected in this section, because their creators have focused on the machines with which players will have to enter into an intellectual battle to leave the room. Technological quests in reality will especially appeal to people who can spend hours tinkering with something in their garage, collect computers, solder chips and painstakingly understand the principles of a variety of mechanisms – both old and modern. But those who are not friends with a screwdriver and pliers here, probably, it is better not to even come, and then as if not to avoid severe disappointment, "tripping" on the first task. The creators of techno-quests in reality use both the latest achievements of computer designers and other high-tech gadgets, and cunning mechanisms of the twentieth century, to understand which, sometimes, may not be easier, or even more difficult, than in modern chips. No, soldering and reprogramming, of course, you do not have anything, but the knowledge of the basics of physics is still useful. Techno-quests - a great place for a campaign of men's company, keen on gadgets, as well as a decent entertainment for students-techies who are tired of the same type of tasks and want to understand how their knowledge can be applied in practice. After such an adventure mechanics just does not seem boring to you!

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