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Performance the opposite – it is so briefly and concisely you can describe the action quests. Quests in the genre of action in reality appeared recently, but have already gained popularity in Russia. Probably because, unlike a little bored performances, the main role in it is played not by actors, the players themselves. In fact, an action game is a scenario in which participants not only find themselves in unusual circumstances of the quest in reality as themselves, but represent someone else. Something like multiplayer computer games in which each user is "hiding" under the mask of his character, or Convention of role-players. Especially when the organizers offer players costumes and props to make it easier to get used to the image. Such scenarios require not only ingenuity, but also physical activity: action games, unlike conventional quests, usually have tasks for agility and coordination, or at least running around the rooms-all so that participants do not miss a minute. This approach slightly limits the target audience, but allows you to significantly increase the number of participants in the team: it is action games usually offer to come to one session by a company of 10-15 or even 20 people

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