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Love to miss a couple of drinks at the bar with friends, but lately this entertainment seems boring and bored? Or maybe you want to drink, but for some reason you can not have anything alcoholic? We offer you an unusual alternative: go to the bar exciting quest. After all, who among you would not want to at least once look at the bar, get into the office and find out what hides a pretty waitress, from time to time serving your table? Bar scenarios-is one of the young, but already quite popular genres of quests in reality, which is rapidly capturing the market thanks to the exciting story and easy, relaxed atmosphere. Some organizers just want the players to get out of the pub, in which you accidentally locked the careless servants and others doing the quests about the detective and painted a scenario worthy of COP shows and even mystical thrillers. We promise that in this bar you will not get bored! In addition, you can go here with your friends-sober and even a pregnant girl, because in the quests in reality, unlike these bars, do not pour alcohol (by the way, consider this when you choose entertainment for Friday night). And yet, luring fellow lovers to drink in the quest bar, you can convince them that you can have fun to the fullest and sober head. Without any harm to the liver and with great benefit to the brain!

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