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Cartoon world is obviously unreal, so we sometimes find it difficult to imagine ourselves next to his characters. Cartoon quests are not only the pieces that make up the picture of our childhood, but also a cozy world in which there is no place of injustice, tragedy and triumph of evil over good, as it sometimes happens in everyday life. Kindness and sincerity – this is exactly what is the basis of your favorite cartoons, but also what many of us are missing in real life. Despite the fact that to recreate the animated world in real space is much more difficult than, for example, cinematic, decorators cartoon quests successfully cope with this task. And we, because of this, it can literally prove to be the masterpiece of Soyuzmultfilm, Disney and Pixar how old we may be, and to write his history of the Simpsons, Carlson, and even the characters of monsters, Inc. So don't think that cartoon games are solely for children's entertainment. Adults will also appreciate the quality of scenery and the plot of the cartoon quest. And most importantly, get the opportunity to return to the days of his youth, when the trees were large, Santa Claus – real, and Carlson seemed about to appear in the window.

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