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The average person receives up to 90 percent of the information through vision. So it's no wonder that in the dark, each of us feels a little restless, and some people are afraid of her at all. This is used by the creators of quests in reality, which turn off the light in their quest rooms and send there the team of adventurers for a dose of adrenaline. Quests without light-it's not only scary, but also useful for the development of other senses, because without the ability to see, we begin to focus more easily on hearing, mastered in space with the help of tactile perception, and, most importantly, learn not to rely around the eyes, which, as you know, at any time can deceive us. Quest and darkness are particularly well combined in horror scenarios, but there are other, not scary quests in the dark, which is aimed at the game with the perception. By the way, this scenario is also a great opportunity to better understand how blind people perceive the world and get rid of the obsessive fear of losing vision. In addition, in the quests that take place in the dark, you can pass a kind of test of trust, when one of the participants directs the other, watching his actions with the help of night vision monitors. And, of course, quests can help you to cure, finally, your children's fear of the dark – because almost all the horrors that we imagine in the black room, in fact, only the fruit of our wild imagination.

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