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Someone else's apartment, where you live unfamiliar people. It would seem that there may be interesting? Another thing, if you happen to be locked in it at the wrong time, and the spare key the owner hid somewhere here, among the things, would only know where. Such "apartment" scenarios are very popular in Russia and are collected in this section. Such a quest in reality is almost the only legal way to search someone else's apartment, without risking a police record and time for burglary. Therefore, if you like to study human customs and everyday life and can not restrain his desire to dig into other people's things, the best place to do it than the quest apartment and can not come up.
By the way, it was a quest apartment type was at the time the first quest in reality in Russia – it is called "Soviet apartment" and is still available to visit, though already in a somewhat modernized version. The apartment of an ordinary Russian family in the panel Khrushchev or luxury apartments of some pop star, like Zhanna Aguzarova? Cheerful student hostel of Moscow state University or in Bulgakov dangerous and unpredictable "Bad apartment", where you expect all sorts of unexplained phenomena. Or maybe you will find an exquisite erotic adventure in the apartment of a girl with whom you met the night before in the club? Whatever you choose, quests in this section will not leave you indifferent.

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