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Classic quest scenarios in reality seem boring and monotonous to you? From the next quest room you came out in just half an hour, breaking another record speed of the game? Then it's time to move on to quests of increased complexity. They - the best of the best-are collected in this section. Immediately warned, newcomers to them better not to go: too great a chance to be disappointed and leave the room in an hour, without solving half of the puzzles. Linear moves, like the selection of the code to the lock, or the key to the cache in which the key is hidden from the next cache will not be here – after each turn of the plot you still have to think about what to do next. Topics – a variety of from spy detectives and robberies to historical quests and games based on fantasy books and movies. But especially terrible among the difficult quests you will not find: still from the fright of even the most intelligent players head, as they say, bad cooks, so in horror quests usually make quite simple puzzles with obvious solutions. But if your goal – not to get a shot of adrenaline, and to train your brain and once again to make sure of his intellectual superiority-these scenarios will be just perfect for you. And do not expect that you will be able to deal with all the puzzles, which were prepared by the organizers, in a few minutes! So do not waste time admiring the scenery, and immediately start the game. Time will fly faster than you expect!

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