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Spending the night in an unfamiliar place is always exciting and unusual. Whether it is a business trip or a vacation, you can not do without a few nights in the hotel. Someone hotels associated with the noisy hallways, the Breakfast of the format "buffet" and continuously scurrying people with suitcases, and someone immediately recalls the film 1408 based on the eponymous story by Stephen king. But pack your bags and fly somewhere this time you do not have to: in the "rooms", collected in this section, "inhabited" just an hour, so no things you do not need with you. Quests in reality in the hotel rooms are more like psychological thrillers than "Hotel" Grand Budapest", so get ready in advance: even if it is not very scary, then certainly a little nervous. Do not doubt, you will be occupied in the most unpopular, "damned" number. And in order to get out of it, will have to reveal all the darkest secrets of this hotel. Go to the quest-hotel room carefully, because it can be literally anything from a Ghost that can scare you to death, to the lovely "ladies of the world", waiting for his rich lover, whose casino you intend to Rob. The theme of the hotel quests are quite diverse, despite the fact that this genre isn't the most popular among the creators of kostromov. The level of difficulty also varies, so it makes sense to go to the quest hotels for both beginners and experienced teams. We have no doubt-you will remember this trip for a long time!

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