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Bright, cinematic scenery of kvestrum is a distinctive feature of Russian quests. We have not decided to paint the books on the walls and build Egyptian pyramids made of cardboard, and the creators of quests in reality are ruined for registration of 5-6 million rubles (the average cost of a modern quest in Russia) to bring to the location of a real stone, tons of sand and leather folios. Therefore, we have obtained the most colorful, lively and "real" Kostroma, and the Russian kvestomanov often go disappointed from foreign escapes. And yet, even among the Russian quests there are especially entourage, which literally take players to another world, such as the laboratory of a mad scientist, the Wonderland of the books of Carroll or the temple of the ancient Maya. We have collected them in this section. In such scenery the game will seem to be a reality.

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