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Flasks, test tubes, alcohols and microscopes – laboratories seem to begin to attract to themselves from the first lessons of chemistry, but even experienced scientists, at times, it begins to seem that the room in which they put the experiments at night lives his life. In many ways, therefore, the laboratory became one of the favorite themes of the creators of quests in reality. The scenarios are striking in their diversity: from the ancient laboratory of a scientist of the XIX century to the high-tech experimental range from the future, in which you will get with the help of a time machine. In addition to them, there are still Soviet laboratories, in which scientists conducted secret experiments under the supervision of the military, as well as American laboratories, in which scientists hide and study the dead aliens who fell on the earth. Or maybe you prefer to be a post-apocalyptic scenario involving zombies, find the antidote to the bite which can only be in an abandoned laboratory of pharmacists? Do not worry, you do not need special knowledge of chemistry or physics to work in the quest laboratories. At the entrance will not even ask what you had in these subjects in the school certificate. To pass the laboratory quests enough to include logic and care, and be able to use the tips that the creators carefully placed in the location, such as the periodic Table, which hangs on the wall almost every second quest laboratory. And, of course, iron calm, so that when you mix different ingredients in search of the substance you need, your hands are not shaking.

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