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A huge puzzle, the price of which will be your life-it's a maze. Of the many ways here only one of which leads to the exit, and all the rest – will certainly lead players to a dead end. To get out of this trap you need to have a good memory, care and, of course, wit. The first labyrinths are described in the days of Ancient Egypt, and the labyrinth of king Minos in the North of Crete and all famous for thousands of years thanks to the ancient Greek hero Theseus, who defeated the monster contained in it the Minotaur and returned unharmed thanks to his beloved Ariadne. In our times, to kill someone with the help of the labyrinth is unlikely to try even the worst king is a tyrant, and mazes, such as huge and intricate as Crete, are no longer built. But this does not mean that you can not test your intelligence and endurance in the maze these days. Especially for you, we have collected the best quests-mazes, pass some of which your team will not be any easier than at the time Theseus and his companions maze Minos. Among the quests there is a maze-a cage in which you, at first glance, can see all the walls at once, and at the same time can not understand where the dead end, and where the exit until you go in the chosen direction. There is also a quest maze, located in the basement, and even a completely dark maze in which you will wait for unexpected traps and puzzles. In General, there is something to smash his head, and where to run, in search of a way out of the next impasse.

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