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If you are not new to the world of quests in reality, but are not ready to pass super-complex scenarios, especially for you, we have collected in this section quests of medium difficulty, which will appeal to teams of beginners questomaniac. They are no longer commonplace riddles which you can do it for a few moments, but there are no puzzles, no clues to figure out which would be virtually impossible. It is worth going here if you have already passed 3-4 simple scenarios and started to cope with quests much faster than in the allotted 60 minutes for their passage. Or just want to "stretch your brain" and try to take the challenge of your ingenuity, thrown by the organizers?
By the way, quests of medium complexity on the market are much more than simple or super-complex. Therefore, in this section you will find a variety of scenarios – from adventure stories to horror, detective stories and even some performances. On a medium-difficult quests is to go and questomaniac professionals. At least in order to assess the quality of the scenery, the work of writers and unusual plot moves, which, though not add complexity to the game, leave a lot of impressions and memories of all team members. Remember that a good quest is not necessarily a difficult one. But always beautiful, interesting, bright and memorable!

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