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Going with friends in the garage or at the bar for a beer – the last century. If you want to have a really good time with friends – go to the quest for the men's company. Especially for such cases, we have collected in this section quests for real men, without any fairy flowers and other girlish tenderness. Show your strength in sports quests, be smart and logic, exploring the mystery of the disappearance of two shocking scientists who were engaged in couple-science and, apparently, not too complaining of women's society. Or maybe you've always wanted to know what secrets a strip club like the one you were at a friend's bachelor party hides? By the way, quests for guys – a great place to spend a bachelor party and not to quarrel with the future bride and groom, which is unlikely to be happy to hike in a real club with strippers and call girls. So you may well book a quest room in order to spend the last evening with friends and keep the atmosphere of a friendly party by selecting the appropriate scenario. Hike to the quest men's composition-it is an opportunity to visit those rooms in which your girls and wives are unlikely to go with you, for example, especially scary horror movies or quests about sports (Yes, between the world Cup or hockey to remember about his hobby can also be on a quest in reality). In General, you have a lot of options, there are scenarios for every taste and budget. And this time the girls stay at home: you go to play a purely male company, and point!

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