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Quests with actors or, as they are called, performances, have firmly taken their place in the Russian market of quests in reality. Actors are invited to the performance of adventure quests and family, disguised as aliens, zombies and jailers. Sometimes they pass the quest together with the team, replacing operator, and sometimes, on the contrary, make the main antagonist, scaring players. Technically, performances are any quests in which other than the players there are other people in the game space. But the nature of interaction with the actor in them is fundamentally different. Somewhere you will just have to periodically distract from the game the girl-a Ghost or a bloodthirsty zombie. And somewhere the whole game is built around the actor (for example, quests with maniacs), so you find yourself, in fact, inside the play, there are no puzzles at all, and the ending depends only on your chosen line of behavior.

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