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Топ квестовКвесты-ограбления: сценарии преступлений на любой вкус в по

Always wanted to know what it's like to steal something, but respect the criminal code and do not want to go to prison? Quests in reality give you the opportunity, and completely without any risk to draw the attention of the police. Quests-robberies-is no less popular genre than prison break, because they give the opportunity to penetrate the romance of thieves, without breaking the laws and without risking to go to jail for it. They have different subjects: starting from the most common – Bank robbery, ending with exotic, like theft of art objects from museums or jewelry from some ancient Egyptian tomb or a secret temple of a forgotten civilization. Or maybe you have to clean out the lab mad scientist to steal the paper with the calculations to create a deadly weapon or climb into someone's apartment in search of the values of the world order? Mission can be quite noble and justified from the point of view of morality, but not the law! Because all these scenarios are United by one: you become robbers for an hour, who must penetrate somewhere and steal something, and, preferably, without getting caught: what is not the reason to please your inner forty, but at the same time, to make sure that you are not a kleptomaniac? By the way, some creators of quests allow you to carry some of the loot with you, as Souvenirs. Take a closer look – and perhaps after the game you will have a clear proof of your success on the thief's field.

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