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Always dreamed of becoming a superhero, but life never gave you a reason to show their courage and bravery? Or maybe you think that it is necessary to have super-abilities, like Superman or Captain America? In fact, everyone can save the world from a variety of threats. To do this, simply select the appropriate quest in reality, the best of which are collected in this section. Nuclear war, biological weapons, crazy scientist who is preparing to infect all of humanity with a deadly virus: these scenarios will help you feel like a hero of the planetary scale. Check whether you have enough strength to save the world in the quest, because it is not an occupation of simple and pleasant. And fight with the "bad guys", throwing enemies magic hammer or shield of vibranium, you do not have – but to think a lot with his head in a stressful situation, knowing that your decisions depends on the future of the world, which literally hangs in the balance. In these quests you will understand that saving the world is a hard work, not only the front pages of the newspaper and grateful fans who storm the doors of the new hero's house. And yet, if you are not afraid of difficulties, take the risk to feel responsible for the fate of all mankind, even for an hour. Such an invaluable experience will be useful to every person, and even if you never (we hope very much) do not have to save the world from the universal catastrophe, you can make it a little better, believing in yourself and starting to make small heroic deeds every day.

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